Lineal Awareness and Knowledge

This came through on the galactic alignment date of the full moon, solstice, sun, moon, earth alignment. 

The seers of this age are in alignment with a deep and connected sense of freedom.  We have been asking ourselves why freedom has become the most important value and goal of our time.  To understand this, we are looking back along lineages or pathways of knowledge which have existed for thousands of years.  Anyone working with a benefactor, which is defined as a person of a lineage, knows that it is important to look back through time to these lineages.  As for me, the lineage that my benefactor is a part of has its roots from a time when we as humans almost disappeared from this planet all together. That awareness alone has guided this lineage along all the years since.  For him it was rooted in the Lodge… and expressed in our the intent we call prayer.   There were three main phases to the passing of the lineage which is currently shifting and changing towards freedom as a goal. 

When we use the term seer, we could replace it with shaman which is a great word, though fixed to a specific linguistic region in Mongolia.  The word shaman means “knower”.  As for seer there are difficulties with this word as well.  It begs a visual response to the world… yet seers were not just visual people.  They did not gather knowledge just from a visual stand point.  Today we often limit our understanding of knowledge to seeing because we have become a world dominated by trasitory images.  Yet seers collect information and knowledge from all their senses.  They are visionaries in the broadest sense of the term and practice a path which is geared towards maintaining openness to change and developing awareness.   So while seer and shaman may be interchangeable, they are terms with their own perspective.  Just don’t get lost in the terms while reading the energy behind the words.  A word is there to convey knowledge.   And for certain these lineages were filled with people of knowledge.

The Ancient Seers were a totally different person than what we can even conceive of today.  They were renowned for impossible feats of vision and physical prowess that today would place them into an almost inhuman realm.  But they were human.  The range of their existence was from about 50,000 years ago to around 10,000 years ago.  In some areas of the world these ancients lasted until 4000 years ago.  The critical thing making these seers unique as bands of knowledge keepers was their skill at manipulating physical matter.  They were not constrained by the physical sciences.  They did not think, ration, that things could not be done, they just did them.  Many of these ancients were capable of moving stones, objects with their minds or shifting their own awareness across great distances.  They communicated with each other across distances too.  They were wholly intuitive people and submitted their entire beings to the intuitive processes. 

In the lineage that I inherited, the ancient seers lived across lives and were reborn over and over again.  They would often communicate across great distances and help people through what we now call dreaming, but for them was just what they were – a living dream.  They constantly dreamed the world in which they lived.  Many were connected to tribes which they cared for with these techniques and knowledge.  They would create ceremonies and healings out of nothing.  They often sought out knowledge from the plant world.  People today wonder how the ancients knew which plants were toxic and which ones were not.  How for instance did they combine certain plants together to and distill knowledge from the plant world… they did this because for them there was little difference between the awareness of humans and that of animals and plants.  The people lived in and among a flow of all awarenesses.   Through communicating directly with the plant and animal world, knowledge crossed boundaries and was shared.  This knowledge was then passed down through lineages and lines across generations where seers were born over and over again. 

The ancient seers lived to dance and play within this realm of the earth.  With what sketchy elements that I have gathered, they inherited these abilities from a prior race or peoples that lived here that were not human like us.  That group of individuals were known as immortals to the ancients.  This was because they lived longer lives than what we live and did very strange and different things.  But as said, this is at best myth even from the standpoint of knowledge.

The old seers developed in a time of rapidly increasing knowing and information.  There was a rapid shift in our awareness about living.  The ancient seers had gathered enough knowledge that no one person could learn and know what was necessary for the survival of the whole tribe within a single lifetime… so there was in essence a division of knowledge keepers into separate skill sets and knowledge lines.  This set up a rapid shift of attention from the knowledge kept within to the knowledge kept on tables, tablets, cave walls or what later became books.  The seer also divides from the priest at this point.  The priest was a person who repeated what was taught for the daily survival of the tribes whereas the seer continued to learn and push the boundaries into the new.  But as said, the lines became differentiated to skill sets or knowledge bases.  To communicate the old seers relied more and more upon words and meeting places of power which would amplify their ability to connect to the mystery and to each other. 

Concurrent with this division of labor, ration was projected (birthed) into the human process of awareness.  Ration was at first a gift, a covenant of sorts.  The ability to set up logical arguments, to add, to record tablets of food stores for lean years, to observe the sky and see the patterns all of this led to increased knowledge which aided in human survival making it easier over time.  And along with this came city building, monument building, places which amplified awareness and became record keeping locations of words.  The word was given dominion over the earth.  For the old seers and their cohorts the priests, they were creating not just one place to live but two.  There were two worlds, or positions of their awareness.  The first was the vibrant world of objects, food, control of tables of knowledge, and the ecstatic other city or worlds.  These other cities or worlds overlapped our own at first in power spots and locations where intent was highly focused.  The dream and the real were in many ways united.  As time went by and the artistry of building became more and more extensive and replicatable, the dream city was often separated and seen (created) as a lower world or an upper world place where the lineages were more connected to the ancient past and the potential futures. 

The difficulties with ration is what my benefactor called, the left hand giveth while the right hand taketh away.  In other words, as awareness became more and more focused on the ability to build and control our food and every aspect of our lives, there was a growing sense of importance to the whole system.  By doubling their intent in the real and dream world, there was an increase in morbid obsession with death and defying death as a rational state of being.  They began to pursue immortality as a physical and controllable goal.  It is from this time that we get the mythologies surrounding the gods and heros, also the cyclical myths…  Yet the purpose was to trap and control awareness and attention in this goal of immortality.  At the same time, there was something fundamentally wrong and they knew it.  In some areas this sense of separation led to extreme ceremonies of death, like human as well as animal sacrifices, all to maintain a bridge to this secondary state of being.  The ancient seers saw that we were immortal through a cycle of rebirth.  The old seers obsessed on this and attempted to build cities in heaven filled with all the best of what could be created in this world.  From this the seven cities were initiated filled the records of human being… but it was all in dream. 

This led to a fundamental fracture in the global position of human awareness.  The fracture came as the old seers were confronted by reforming leaders or saviors who came to shift the attention to a different band of awareness and focus humans on the laws of love and compassion.  These saviors were like the ancient seers.  They re-awoke all the human potential of those ancients, but then organizations grew around their teachings, which became fixated in the words and books, to save the old seers from their morbid obsessions and lack of compassion.  Also, the saviors discovered that there is a singularity behind all things.   This was not new to the seers, it just did not have the grave importance that the saviors placed on it.   That singularity or monad, became the most destructive to the path of the seer.  This path became dominated by a new priest class of knowledge from books.  Books survived death, and were thus the death defiers of those lines. They held/hold the mysteries within so as to keep humans moving (surviving) through time.  No longer were the seers relied on for knowledge or the novel, the new, the significant shifts in awareness to guide people into the next moment.  So they went underground or escaped into other bands of awareness.  This group I prefer to call the bridge seers.  For them, knowledge/information was studied from the books.  They developed a high level of connection to standard sets of knowledge and information passed in books down generations.  Yet while they maintained this connection, secretly they relied on the passing along of intuitive process of seeing similar to the ancient seers.  In many locations around the world this struggle occurred between the conquering Salvationist movements of the singularity and the old seers who were wiped out because of their morbid obsession with the other world.  Thus the bridge seers were dedicated to keeping the lineages alive through actions and activities which they shared sparingly with the few.  Everything that people think of as a shaman is a result of the actions of the bridge seers.  We perceive shamanism through the filter provided by the bridge seers.  Secret societies and tribal lineages became passed along in complicated ceremonies and rituals to prepare the next generation for the burden of knowledge which sat outside the norm which was found in books.  This burden was called silent knowledge or esoteric knowledge to separate it from the dominion of ration and exoteric knowledge as well as the conquest of the savior movements. 

Today we are awakening to a time of the new seers.  Both the ancient seers and the bridge seers along with all the information, history and knowledge of the reforming savior religions are spiraling around and sharing broadly diverse perceptions and awareness.  Everything is becoming accessible to even the most common  uninitiated person.  Ration which had become the dominator in science and investigation is now disconnected from the priests and mythology holders.  It has its own clear voice, a voice which is starting to recognize its own limits.  As we circle around these movements of lineages, they are becoming public and focusing their intention and attention on freedom.  With freedom knowledge emerges which is both intuitive and rational as well as mythological and generational. 

My benefactor was the last of his lineage dedicated to the secret preservation of the lineage.  He died giving everything he had away to whoever would learn from him… a revolutionary act in his time and culture.  And from this he grounded me and many of us on the solid foundation that the next steps of the seers will not be done in secret, but rather as a whole globe and human race.  We have but two very distinct possibilities. 

First, that we assemble enough knowledge (both scientific and spiritual) about the earth as it is and fundamentally shift how we are working to live as a species amongst all species…


Second, we assemble enough awareness and knowledge about the earth and travel beyond this band of awareness to assemble other worlds, leaving the earth a desolate rock uninhabitable for generations by the forms we currently know as human. 

Either way, it is about freedom, awareness and evolution.  We can either learn from these multi-variations of the past lineages, heal and yield to the earth our local source of pure life energy, or we can destroy the amazing place and position we have evolved into… and what would be lost as a result of that destruction is entirely up to us.  New seers… unite!  Vision will emerge from all directions.  It will not come in singularity or in repetition of an ancient pattern…. Be aware.


One thought on “Lineal Awareness and Knowledge

  1. “This led to a fundamental fracture in the global position of human awareness.”

    This fracture is what I believe to be the detrimental fixation of the assemblage point. Humans were taught to perceive in a single manner thus fixating their assemblage points collectively. This fixation, in turn, created a story of monumental proportion which caused the fixation of the assemblage point of the earth.

    The only freedom remaining is to persevere as warriors, new seers, and move our attention to a new band of awareness.

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