Social Contract and Conditioning- Real Anarchism


There are many ideas and beliefs which are forced upon us from a very early age to which we were not given a chance to choose.  These ideas and beliefs set a foundation upon which we build our entire personality and identity.  To question these things is to fundamentally shift our awareness.  What the spiritual warrior does, he questions any contract which he was not a part of making.  These contracts with the world, each human and ourselves are deep running programs in our being.  Many a spiritual leader has pointed to these contracts which we make unconsciously and ask or challenge us to look deeper.  But to do so often leads to an initial break with reality.  That fundamental break could be called insane, but it is only insane if it seeks to further harm our world, ourselves or those around us.  If worked carefully and consciously, a little insanity can lead to a ton of sobriety and ultimately sanity. 

I reject everything that I am required to do as enforced by an external authority or conditioning.  Now many would say this is socio-pathological.  Not so if combined with a healthy understanding of values and morals.  By rejection of these patterns, I maintain the golden rule, do not do unto others what you would not want done to the self.  This is liberating and sets appropriate boundaries to any conversation and action that seeks to question the fundamental assumptions of reality. 

It is okay, even necessary, to overthrow the dominant paradigm, but with awareness!  It is a revolutionary act to question the answers and the questions.  The revolution though, must be founded on a very specific process or steps to realization.  The first of which is to recognize that work such as this must begin within the self.  To inventory and understand the contracts which were forced upon us is the first step.  We can go farther if we do our own work within ourselves first.  This also releases energy which is trapped in out moded ideas, concepts and patterns of behavior.  And it will lead to recognizing the values we hold for ourselves as enduring and necessary for our life. 

Personally I reject a number of ideas and beliefs.  These contracts came to me from my society and parents.  These downloads were unconscious.  For instance, I reject original sin, the need to be saved, the need to be acknowledged to be worthy, the need to be liked to have a sense of self.  I reject the social contract of war, of government intrusion into my mind, speech or actions which do not harm another, the idea that my neighbor can tell me what to believe in.  I reject the contracts which are inherent in any tribal form of religion.  I reject that I am a citizen of the US first for I am a citizen of the earth, then the US, then any other contract that I choose.  I reject that any person or place or animal or thing can be harmed without conscious awareness of the actions and the affects of those actions.

To reject these things means starting to un-write the patterns within, but with care.  This is not the place of a convert.  Converts think they have the answer and run about shoving their agenda on others.  I reject this action as a result of my finding my own truth.  The truth that I have found for me, does not mean that I require it of others.  This would be another contract forced on others without reason or consciousness.  So often, we see people get it for themselves, recapitulate the pattern and then set about recreating the same contract with a different name.  The Catholic who converts to Native American religion is often still a Catholic… same pattern different story.  So it takes serious discipline to not recreate the pattern.  And that is the second step on this road to freedom from contracts.  These contracts are written into our bones as we live them.  They play themselves out at a cellular level…. This is why we get sick.

The third step on this path is to learn to not react.  I hate it when someone says, “don’t take anything personally.”  Fuck that, everything is personal, it is here, I am experiencing it.  What they really mean is, don’t get trapped into the contract of others needing a response from you, nor react to the contract by being personally offended.  This step on the road is the biggest step towards freedom from hidden contracts.  Detachment is the practice at this point.  We are not the world… we are only what we choose to create.  And there is no offense when we give ourselves personal responsibility for our own contracts.  Aka, we need to learn how to say yes and no and not to knee jerk respond to anything.  For every reaction in anger is self importance and a belief that we have something to protect or to battle.  Reject that contract too.  In rejecting these contracts we lead ourselves to peace, practicing peace.  The way of the peaceful warrior is to reject all aspects of war and conflict.  Nothing to defend… everything is imperminent. 

We grow what we feed.  When we feed any thought, pattern or energy it grows.  When we reject the contracts which were forced upon us, we are allowed to discern what we want to contract with or create.  These contracts can thus be fed in a different manner, consciously and with awareness.  I was witness and participant with someone who did a full recapitulation of their relationship with food.  We went through the entire warrior’s relationship to all aspects of our food.  Through a re-evaluation of the contract with food we turned a bright light on the whole industry of food by study and research.    Action followed knowledge and we eliminated specific foods over time with practice.  This cleaned out our bodies and allowed us a re-assessment of our contract to food.  We now eat consciously.  A label like vegetarian or vegan or whatever is not necessary, that’s another contract and belief system.  But now food is part of a daily practice of eating in conscious awareness…. Not just selfish consumption.  The best part about this process is by working together, we allowed ourselves a reflection in each other the nature of our contract.  That is a good way to eliminate contracts… working with another person who is working on the same contract.  This will add strength to the steps on the road and a sense of sobriety so we don’t go to extremes in our own work.  This is also why many of these processes were done with elders who have a sense of wisdom and experience in doing this kind of work.

Such actions and the process of re-evaluating our contract with things can be done with everything we do and are.  Yes this destabilizes our original ground of being, but it opens us up to deeper awareness and potentials which are hidden in these unconscious behaviors.  We can only become what we choose to become.  Under all of this is freedom.  Freedom from many struggles which are out moded and may even be killing us.  But it cannot be done by or as a requirement of the whole race.  We can’t expect anyone else should be doing this work the way we choose to do it.  It can only be taken on individually and by the choice of those willing to go crazy to become more sane. 

Reject the contracts you were not a part of making.

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