The Singularity and the Multiplicity

In the beginning the singularity was there and lonely.  The singularity was lost and in hope of something more… And thus the multiplicity was created in a great explosion from the singularity.  For many generations the singularity was unknown.  And that great unknown allowed it to work behind all things.  But eventually the singularity became known and worshiped.  Yet could not be seen anywhere.  The multiplicity was everywhere evident.  But to those who worshiped the singularity, for they knew intuitively that it was there, they lost sight of the multiplicity.  And the multiplicity became not enough.  These believers drove themselves mad in search of the answers, the truth, the evidence of the singularity.  As they did, things in the multiplicity of the universe became more and more delicate and unbalanced.  The drive towards the one, began to harm the many.  The many cried out, but was not heard.  So the multiplicity, which knew exactly where the singularity was at all times, decided to shed light upon the truth.  And there came people who studied with their science and created a way to measure where it was.  The multiplicity became very happy, as they got closer and closer to the wonder of creation… and there it was behind all things everywhere… the singularity was hidden behind all the variations of the multiplicity… a center that is everywhere whose circumference is nowhere. 

It is with great pleasure that when we look clearly at the wonder of creation, all the forms and energies we have finally found that there is a resonance, a scalar functioning behind all the vibrating frequencies of the whole universe.  This is the first thing, the uncreated creation.  And where can it be found?  In all matter everywhere! 

The brilliance of being a poet and an artist is mythology, science and the constant flow of knowledge is not trapped within the disciplines of differences and separation.  We can as artists see these things more clearly.  And the clearest vision is that for generations the search and worship of the singularity has been associated with external god far away from us in his heaven.  We could only see the gross matter of the multiplicity and called it the feminine goddess of creation.  What was so silly about this drama is that those in power, and the foreign influences of the predatory natures, tried to convince us that there was a battle going on between the old pagan mysteries of the feminine and the more truth filled masculine sky god of oneness… Well guess what, there is no battle, no war. The singularity is behind all multiplicities.  The scientists have proven it.  The myths need to catch up.  The singularity is everywhere. 

It is hard to understand, even grasp that the initial singularity, the big bang is actually centered in every molecule of life and energy everywhere in the universe.  We want so desperately to point our telescopes to the heavens and see it for what it was, but there is nothing but darkness the further out we push… As the old saying goes, where shall we hide the truth?  In the center of the human heart, for no one would look there. 

When we destroy the multiplicity and go into imbalance with her, then we are actually destroying the singularity that is within every point of the multiverse!  This profound mystery is what is missing in all the faiths of the whole world.  Even the archaic cannot conceive of it because many are reacting to the domination of the sky god myth of destruction.  There is nothing to fight, only to accept and know.  The big bang is everywhere in all places… the singularity is behind every wave function in the universe constantly expanding and contracting.  

What is much more interesting is the wonder of variety and randomness which brings constant novelty to the multiplicity.  The dance of new creation all the time is more random that we would even suspect.  And yet order comes out of the chaos all the time at the edges of the chaos.  We are a self organizing universe, intent is all that is needed.  The multiplicity and the singularity are in constant relationship with each other making the world.  God and Goddess are continually co-creating.  No one side wins, when they do everyone loses. 

Let us stop seeking only one and only many… Let us seek the true fulcrum of beauty that is constant co-creation.  When we do, we will be in full partnership with that co-creative process….  Intent, intent, intent….



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