The ultimate ground of being

For several posts I have written and extolled the difficulties that I find with religion.  And in fact it is lost on most people who claim a love of freedom and awareness that religion is all about not being conscious, aware or free.  Rather it is about being a part of the controlling matrix which dominates our world with one single purpose, to get us through life with as little conscious awareness of the real spirit of life and certainly to move us onward towards some unknown afterlife.  This distraction has brought out a host of responses which are often set within the context of each person’s feelings about religion which was down loaded into them at a young age.  On top of this, those that claim they are science oriented or philosophy or any number of other paradigmatic structures claims they are not religious and are free having the truth.  Wow, it is hard to see that all paradigms are just that inwardly focused, limit the conversation to the territory they are comfortable with, and self sustaining through arguing or influencing each person with their claim to the truth.  Humm, this would be a religion in my mind. 

The point and purpose for throwing the gauntlet down about religion and daring to discuss the matrix madness that comes in these limited paradigms is not to throw away the possibility of a spiritual path or a path of awareness, rather it is to note that there is broader territory to awareness and freedom than are held in these limiting paradigms.  What would a spiritual life look like if it were not religious, scientific, philosophical, paradigmatic, and abstract or even dare we say archaic?   I sense that it would be founded on beingness… our own being, breathing and living in the world as it is.  Is this not the greatest mystery? Everything else is made up within the mind.   No matter how many explanations we invent for the world and its existence, it just is.  And this is awesome and indeed fundamentally pure in and of itself. 

This self existence could be explained away by creationists, evolutionists, physicists of the singularity, a host of mythological stories and puzzles… but these explanations are just story.  The physicist can claim the big bang to be the ultimate truth of beginning in the singularity. Yet not a soul out there has a direct experience of that moment, a sideways glance at the ripples from that moment can be proven given some rather rarified experiments if you choose to believe what you see, and try to understand it.  And we can buy this explanation hook line and sinker if we choose.  Buy buying it would be no different energetically than believing the priest or prophet that god started the whole kit and caboodle.  The key is our spirituality must be grounded on our direct experience of a common framework of being if we are to share anything at all as a common vision.

What is that ground of being?  It is found in the body of being, in the breath, in the heart beat.  It is found in the daily quest for food and sustenance, in the expressions of creativity through love and sexuality.  And it is founded on the very knowledge that we have of our own deaths… this is a daily experience if we strip away all the stories and arguments that we attempt to defend ad infinatum without direct experience.  It is a really simple state of beingness and the ground of our spiritual experience.  It is within life that we have spirit.  Not within spirit that we have life.  The act of awe-someness is within the realm of our being alive.  We do not know what it is like to not be alive and have a spiritual experience.  The most out of body experience is still interpreted by our beingness within our bodies.  So out of body is a projection of our physical/mental mind state of a projection… and so many stories are created from this state. 

At the same time there is a connection a link to all of life that seems unseen within physical form.  We sense it, we intuit it.  What we are intuiting is the grand mystery and scheme of life itself.  The fish knows not of the water it is in and we know nothing of the air unless it is changed to something we can’t stand or it smells sweeter.  The air we live in is an ocean of currents which transmit constantly the beauty of life all around us.  When we breathe we are breathing the same molecules that our human family has for millions of years. When we drink there is a good chance we are drinking the same water that our ancestors did at some time.  Often that our neighbors did.  We are sharing in a great web of life that we often, through our mental distractions, never pay attention to.  This swimming is continual and mysterious as beingness itself.  If we were to move from planet to planet, given that we had the instruments (bodies) to survive such a journey, these other planets and worlds would themselves hold this same mystery of being.  Awe overwhelms one… this is spiritual.  Life is a spiritual experience, love is, laughter is, sex is, consumption is.. feeding the engine of our being is and ultimately healing into a great transition to non-being is awesome!

What would spirituality be without a personal god… simple it would still be.  When considering this awesomeness the only thing we can for sure be aware of on a daily basis in awe is the earth in which we live.  And I mean in… we live in the earth for she, excuse my personal prejudice here, is not just the soil beneath our feet.  She is the air, water, earth, core of fire.  She is a living breathing multi-orgasm of life constantly pulsing life in all its forms everywhere.  So much has been made of transcending that fundamental ground.  So many faiths, fantasies and fictions have been developed for the single purpose of flying away.  We are only now awakening to how foolish this may be.  The birds fly within the earth, the air is her, and they are within an ocean of air.  Where does she end? At the moon, maybe the moon is in her too, certainly gravity from her and the moon creates a relationship.  From the sun to the moon to the earth there is another relationship of energy and life.  We could sit in awe of the sun too, but this singularity is but an energy pulsating as the earth is.  Without earth there would be no life, just a lonely star.  Between the two we have life on this little planet of ours.  And what a delicate balance that is.  6 inches closer to the sun and there would be no life.  12 inches away there would be no life.  When we consider the fine margin of being that emerges within the inches of distance from the sun and the amazing collection of elements that had to gather to create these bundles of life, wow! That’s spiritual. 

Math and science can take it all apart and we can sit in awe of the explanations that they created for us.  We can mythologize ourselves to death in explanations of awesome wonder… but most of this is vain glorious and only serves to advance some sense of self importance that we have created with respect to the place with think we are in the center of.  The last and most important thing would be to recognize that we are not important.  We are not the center of creation.  Not being that center makes me feel all the more precious.  Destruction of our sense of superiority centers one right on the place of spirit that we are at all the time.  We need every aspect of life on this planet.  We have and do know this in our bones for generations.  We need illness and sickness and all the microbes and fungi.  We need the plants and animals, we need every living thing aware at our level or not (often greater).  We are not alone, we are not the center, we are not special… this is right perspective to our spiritual place in the dynamic of life and being.  It takes no anthropomorphic god or goddess to make sure we are aware of this.  It takes our own act of awareness and being that puts us right in the place we are at… and this is a spiritual place.

I love the term “wakan tanka” of my brothers the Lakota.  This is such an amazing thing to meditate on.  “Wakan”, mystery, the unknown is combined with “tanka” which is just great, big, awesome, and unfathomable.  Everywhere is unfathomable mystery.  We are precious beings of awareness with constant awareness of wakan tanka.  We need no real name or presence to make us aware of this, we just have it as a result of being.  Nothing more need be done or said about it.  This is true spirituality grounded in being.  And if we sit in silence and contemplate this it informs everything else and clarifies and simplifies all that we are and do on a daily basis.  Who needs a church, religion, science or external force to make us aware.  Unless we re just playing with ourselves with all those paradigms… We just are.    Thank You for Being.

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