Assemblage Point Book

Assemblage point is a book that came to me fully formed in my thoughts during a ceremony about a month ago.  It quickly came into form from this dream state in about one month.  It is about a concept from Carlos Casteneda around a part of our energy bodies through which we perceive the world… the assemblage point.  To shift the assemblage point is to see more of the world, or other worlds. 

This is a great abstract structure and construct to conceptualize the world.  It also speaks to the programming that we get from our culture and world. 

The book is 11×15 openning to 22×15.  There are 3 sections… first is the assemblage point “defined”, the second is “journeying” and the third is the “abstract.”   The introduction has quotes from Carlos Casteneda’s Fire from Within.  The appendix has further selected quotes from the same book, but for the first time I wrote the individual entries for each page.  for example above:  

“We are infinite beings of awareness, set here within luminescent form. We assemble our perceptions through a point of focused awareness made up of many circles within circles, energy patterns within energy patterns.”
For this page, the center of the book, I was trying to conceive of what a journey would be like without physical form.  The energies around us being a reflection of our intent to see and know other worlds. 
The harmonic energies of our perceptions create our world.  For me, I see that music of the spheres as Kepler would have called it, fixes things in their positions and forms them… but here, what are the vibrations behind the world we see every day? 
Through us, in us, around us, is all energy.  And we are able to either ignore that fact or unite with those lines in a manner that brings deeper freedom of awareness.  When we do not then we are ignoring our full potential.  Here is a representation of mastering these perceptual fields and at the same time touching silent knowledge.
Probably my favorite page, the last, is the energy body itself.  In this case showing two assemblage points, the real and the dream body.  This process for the seer in Casteneda’s work is one of overlapping structures which allows us to see more clearly the energy behind all things. 
For further investigation into this book see the following link… to my art pages:  Thanks for enjoying this new book.   

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