Battle of Knowledge

In the series that I have been running lately, the third battle is knowledge.  These battles are advancements of awareness and freedom.  With fear we can’t see anything but our own selves.  When we make death an advisor, we open to being able to inventory our lives for greater energy and eliminate that which no longer serves.  The warrior thus is not burdened with other people’s perceptions or patterns so he has free choice.  This brings clarity.  

Yet there is a trap to clarity, as there is to making death an advisor…. When we get trapped in death as an advisor we can become morbidly obsessed with our death and thus feed it rather than the perception feeding us.  This trap leads to inaction rather than action.  And it takes action to find clarity to eliminate what no longer serves… it’s not just about saying that we understand the pattern, it takes practice to eliminate patterns aka action.  And thus we ground our spirit within our full being, our awareness has depth of purpose and drive from the center.  It is not a rational mental state. 

Yet clarity can trap our attention.  I like calling it, all the pretty lights!… In other words, the very clear view we have of things can lead us to focusing on all the pretty pictures.  We can literally be so lost in the beauty of the moment that we don’t feel/hear the tiger in the bushes.  And clarity can also trap us, because we think this is the goal.  Ah now I am free of all this stuff, the distractions, and I can walk through life full of clarity and see everything now.  The trap is always self importance…

The constant need to mirror our world is the ultimate trap.  Quickly this trap becomes vain and obsessive.  This is beautiful, this is good… it’s all good, it’s all perfect… damn these things are the best, even the worst is the best…. This line of being is self important and can lead to indulgence in the pattern of the pattern.  We run around making everything clear and clean and thus accept some pretty dark stuff just because it is clear to us.

The other vain thing is thinking we know because it is a clear view.  We are like children again, yet we are not necessarily in the “know”…. Knowledge is the third battle and is a most interesting aspect for the spiritual warrior. 

For people of knowledge the ground of their being is in the practices, the techniques that they have learned to maintain awareness, freedom and clarity.  The practice though diverges at knowledge.  Everyone was the same to this point… each person exactly battles fear the same way… Each person has differing obsessions and patterns which they must eliminate to gain clarity… the story may differ but the act of recapitulating it and getting to clarity is the same.  With the battle of knowledge this is an area where we begin to become the unique expression of awareness which spirit is moving through us.  We are connected to our fundamental ground of being and from here we have our own vision of being and actions to create the world. 

For instance, I am an artist using paint and pictures.  I write from what pictures come to my brain.  This hard wired process of being is my gift which I bring forward to the world.  I am not a scientist. I do not work a lab and create experiments to discover stuff about atoms or chemistry.  This is not my specialty of knowledge. 

This is where it becomes tricky.  Because as we move into this stage of knowledge, we have to expect and respect that there are vastly different stories, talents and medicines which make up the world.  Why, because everyone is built energetically in unique ways.  The worse of all things to hear is that everything has the same answer… or worse there is only one answer.  This I like to call flatlanding everything (thanks Ken Wilber) based on our personal way of being.  It leads to hoards of angry people disagreeing when together they could be locating a deeper broader view spiritually.  Flatland is ultimately self importance and the mirror of self reflection.  When this is shattered, we have our own vision through which we work and we recognize those that have their own… We are not trapped by our own logic or perceptions, we are liberated by our talent manifested through our being.    

Knowledge and the whole period devoted to it, is about becoming the expert that you are in the area that you know.  But it is also a practice of fluidity and openness.  To close down is to be trapped by the very knowledge one attempts to share with others.  I like to say that the practice of knowledge is doubt, as first applied to our own mastery.  AKA, I could be wrong.  With that noted, the field of energy opens wide. 

It is also interesting to see these days that everyone wants to possess everything.  We believe that once we are spiritual warriors of knowledge that we know everything.  This is a fracture in clarity and a deep backward movement into insobriety and fixation of this and that.  Not everyone is a shaman.  And even within shaman groups, not all shaman do the same thing or have the same talents of healing or vision.  Everyone can become a spiritual warrior, everyone can become clear, not everyone can become shaman… not everyone can become physicist…. And we should acknowledge those that have those talents, not attempt to possess them.  For possession is the darkest side of the battle of knowledge.  The trap is energetic, not things and stories, but a blinding of the ability to see into the workings of the world. 

When we stay open, practice our own talent, and continue to remain open to others who are doing their own practice, we become men and women of knowledge.  And these people have the energy that they know that they know that they know.  There is no doubt…. Even when they doubt… And they accept those that hold the same energy of knowing.  This is a warrior’s humility.  Seeing and accepting difference as the same root of knowledge, spiritual knowing as an action.

Knowledge must be shared.  It must flow.  And it must be given away.  Yet in the dance within the circle, knowledge becomes what it is, the presence of the spirit of constant creation in the moment.  We are just dancing with it.  And as we dance knowledge reveals itself to the spiritual warrior, shaman, person of awareness, practitioner… all in unique and varying ways.


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