Control the Seed

Everything that we call western (and most eastern) culture is dominated by the control of the seed. This simiple and clarifying view of history may be myopic in relation to everything we concieve of being part of culture, but one could argue this point well. Even the difference between the sexes…. But let start slow.

There is no difference between who we are now biologically and physically to say nothing of genetically since we left the savanahs and began to cross continents many thousands of years ago. The complexity of our associations, institutions and survival of our generations could be contributed to the ability for us to do two things… solve problems through creating tools or making things and remembering stories which are passed from generation to generation. (Today, one has become more important than the other – guess which.) The truth or fiction of the stories is really not important.  In fact most stories are myth…. if we repeat it enough times it may as well be true.

But you see as we, as the human race, crossed the world over, we were generally not the top preditor in the environments we entered. We were with the top preditors, but we were not on top. For a host of reasons, we were able to expand our food sources and hunt more efficiently which lead to better story telling. The increase of complex (animal) protiens in the diet feeds the development of the young brain especially in the memory area.  So we started to tell better more interesting stories and pass them along to the next generation.  And as we did, we were able to see connections in the natural world around us. Farming resulted from seeing the broad and repeating cycles around us. We paid attention. We became the ultimate preditor.

What is interesting about these times, was we had time on our hands. We had loads of time on our hands. We were able to go long periods without hunting and supplimented our diet with grains and berries. But in general, our 40 years of life was filled with loads of time when we were doing lots of other fun things. We started to paint, we started to tell complex stories and myths, we made tools and jewelry – which we adorned our selves and our mates (male or female or other). We slowly became specialized at different creative things. We celebrated and played instruments and sang songs. We also expanded our life expectancy slowly. Idylic eh?

Sure was… and we landed in areas where there was a clearly observable pattern of wheat, barley and oat growing seasons…. Somewhere around Turkey,(as well as China, India, and other river/flood areas) but let’s focus on the area that became the Black Sea (it flooded during this time which lead to the flood story)… aka the top of what is now the middle east. This little explosion of life (and life expectancy) here occured because we figured out farming. And at first, little changed. The cycles of life were good. We did not have to work all too much more cause – stick it in the ground and it grew, haleluia! Animals joined us more and more – we had food for them. We paid attention, with our story telling and passing along farming and hearding knowledge down generations how to capture these animals and take care of them and the land. We lived 60 years or more.

Some of us split off and went south to herd animals along the grasslands, some stayed in the wet north and farmed better. (let’s not forget that we were also all over the world at this time, and somehow the same thing happened in other areas too! almost at the same time!)…. These two ways of life required two fundamentally different beliefs. If you give to your animals, they give to you. But in farming, if you take from the earth, she gives it to you more… . And originally we honored her for this… We bred faster as we combined the northern and southern ways together…(the reason there are two stories of creation in Genesis). Ever wonder why there was always a north south axis of conflict? The givers vs takers. Different story – Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.

Now let’s add weather. Something significanly shifted in weather, the earth warmed up around 2500 BC. And a crisis occured. The north was no longer as rainy as it used to be, and the south was no longer as grassy…. The sahara became impassable. … but through the south went rivers and these rivers could be diverted and controlled. Let’s invade from the north! (Or in Egypt’s case – pay attention to the nile for its flooding cycles, and invade anyway.) But the key was we had less food for everyone, animals included. Animals kept us alive longer than pure grains… Our ability to remember and tell stories solved this problem of time. Cycles of weather, sky and planting were being paid attention to in terms not of a year, but in terms of decades and generations. Let’s pay attention to the sun (it cycles too).

Enter religio… a term which means to connect back to the source. If we stay connected, we don’t have to change our food resources. But to whom are we staying connected… to the shaman priest who figured out the cycles. So he convinced us that to survive, we need to store food for a rainy day when there would be less.  Shaman became temple priest with a repetition of the stories.   And please, just give him the key to the temple store houses. To protect the store house he has his good friend the tribal leader, now made so by force more than age and wisdom, to protect the wall around the temple complex where the store house looks like a mountain (remember the good old days living by/in the mountains?) Consensus cheif became domineering king… So let’s build a mountain temple in the desert.  Lots of labor which became serfs and slaves in the long run, during the off season (must keep those people busy or they would start to think about their situation). IT’s all about the seed, keeping it, controlling it, dominating the people for it.

Water made the earth renew… Water came from the heavens before from the tops of the mountains… from the sky god who was sprinkling the earth with his … hum a form of seed? Loads of fun before. As droughts hit, not so fun any more. It took more work to keep the same cycle of farming going. To collect and manage the animals… to dominate the land. But it worked okay and we muddled through the hard times and made a deal for survival. Meanwhile the efficency with which it worked feed the myths that we told ourselves. And boy did we buy into the big myths.

Now this farming thing has become shit work… and it takes more human energy to animal husband and land husband (strange that it is a male term)… than to hunt and gather. And if we don’t keep the people staying in one place in this location, they will run off to a better life. Voting with their feet so to speak… So first, with the help of the surrounding desert (increasing by decade) cultures get cut off from the areas around them due to water – the escape route dried up! Then let’s invent a story of the cycle of death and rebirth that is connected to the control of the seed by the father sun god and his minions. Through this myth of the cycle of death and rebirth, the seed becomes more important than the land… afterall its the seed that keeps us alive isn’t it? Pay attention to the cycles of birth and suddenly the dominator taker male figures out that it is HIS child in there, and that child must learn the stories HE has so that HE has workers in the field, the more the better… And then HE passes along his seed to the future, and HIS religion and culture and the survival of the rebirth myth – did you know there were over 12 gods who were reborn after dying – all related to sun worship back then in the middle east/greece and egypt? 

So by the time we get to the turn of the millenium, the time of the singularitizing life of the rebirth myth into the one ubber myth of Joshu ben Joseph, or our friend Jesus, we are ready for dominion of empires.  Many are fully stuck in this seeded pattern and believe fully that this cyclical awareness is dominated by the sky god who gives us the seed which feeds the animals and people etc etc etc. And the great promise for all this work? Heaven of course.  An afterlife of wonder and amazement where there is no more pain and suffering – cause farming sucks!. Did you ever think that if we were not in this predicament there might not be all this pain and suffering and the religious answer to it.  Take that Buddha!

Damn we are good, I mean men. Great at using our strength and myths of the hero (which used to be used to hunt and create beauty with our women in a mobil society) for the survival of our seed into the future. Social conditioning then dominates biological necessity…. and off we go making rules about everything… because of…. the seed.  Logic demands rules when we keep the people all couped up together in cities and farms.

And we have the fear of sex… why? Because we (men now) would loose control and have sex with wild abandon. We might lose control of the future children (I call this the roots of rape), which is in the domination of the seed. Did you know the original meaning of Christos was divine seed within the womb of the Earth mother? Both were necessary… now we have only one.  We have rules about everything, cause it’s easier to make a rule, regulation than it is to celebrate the reason behind it. Oh and somewhere along the road, sameness became more important than difference….  The children must look like the father or she is in trouble!

Did you know that biologically the female choses her mate, the male, in the human species? Because she is looking (genetically) for a mate that is different enough to add his protective immunities to hers so the children have a stronger immune system. Its a biological drive – she does this without thinking. And women used to breed freely, especially when strangers or another tribe came by that was unique and different, to increase the viability and strength of the tribe – the femine drive for survival. Marriage was originally a contract of enduring friendship and partnership in survival not who the parents were over the children or who owns them (think about what it means to “own” the children legally). Then that the seed and control of the future and children turned to the hands of the male and social conditioning… same becomes more important than difference. So you have the separation of the races… and you thought it was babel and words that made us into tribes… it was the need to control the offspring that led to each group becoming homogeneous (man controlled gens, and yes originally “homo” as a word is neutral)….

All the big religions, especially the merger of all gods into one god… is about the seed, about the control and about the domination of the culture with the right answer for the survival of the future (a myth really because the future does not exist except in the fantasy of our memories). Protect those store houses of seed and the generations will march on. And boy has that worked for us. You go to work and waste volumes of hours to protect the seed. We are shamed into controlling of every aspect of our lives. The clock is the dominator religion on the steroids of economics (industry). Really! Did we give up all our idylic freedom just so we can have more stuff… made by others,,, thereby loosing our creativity and living for the weekend for the power control of the dominator god? Yes we did. And it’s working brilliantly. All we have to do is convience everyone that the dominator myth is true, (remember you will be rewarded after death) and you have them shopping at Walmart for the rest of eternity.

The only thing we lose is the earth itself. (Which is okay because the salvationists dominator religions know the end will come in a great battle which destroys humanity anyway – is this prophesy or by design?) Keep believing! Strangely its being set up between two variations of the same male sky dominator god religion…. hum how curious – you’d think they’d be friends?

Men, and I call on all men, wake up to your self created history. Face the dominator, the preditor, within. When you release control of the seed and partner in the dance with the women, you will discover many, many, many other creative ways to use your interior force for peace and beauty. This is the ultimate healing that men need to go through right now. We as men need to become the strongest thing in the world – a soft gentle touch of giving and playfulness. Imagine what the women have gone through to survive this gauntlet of time… And really, seriously guys, are you actually happier when you dominate and control the seed? And why do you think you are angry at feminists… they are just using the same tools you did back on yourselves, mirroring your domineering arguments with anger… kill the anger… kill the killer…. kill the preditor within.

Think about it…. React…. I know you will…. and then try finding a different, more creative way of being in balance on planet earth. It’s possible… you have nothing to lose but your possessions. And believe me, our culture is posssessed.

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