Prophesy and Oil Spills


In a time when there has been so much talk about prophesy, it is hard not to fall victim to the patterns  arising around these energies.  And yet, we cannot say enough about them with respect to the current global tragedy of the Gulf Coast.  And we cannot in any way minimize the impact of this tragedy on every single human and non-human species on the planet.  It is with sadness that we see the prophesies coming true, just not in the way that many suspected.   2012 ha!  We are creating our own demise.

Our Hopi Elders and other native leaders warned the world long ago with a number of prophetic statements which all come into play with this spill.  For the Hopi, the saying go like this….. When the stone bird flies and the people spread across the land like ants, the sun will touch the earth and the end of this world will come about.  That is paraphrased but close to it. 

The stone bird could be any number of things: rockets, airplanes, satellites and the like… People spreading across the earth like ants is population growth problems… but the sun touching the earth is more difficult to define for some.  Many interpreted this as 1945 with the atomic blast so dismiss this as being solved with detante and the US as Global Police, which could well could be… but the elders were aware of something much more tender and easily devastated by the sun touching the earth – water. 

Water is the most precious resource our planet has.  It is the number one source of life on the planet.  The oceans/lakes, rivers and streams being 70% of the world means that we are at a critical tipping point for the sun touching the earth.  Because, simply put, if we kill our oceans we will kill all of life on the planet rapidly.  This means we will destroy the ability for the earth to maintain her balance between supplying necessary nourishment for the world to the primary immune cleansing body on the planet our reefs and oceans. 

A very aware being has been trying to get our attention… the mammals of the waters… dolphins, whales, porpoises… They have been dying for years in droves.  Why?  Because their immune systems are being destroyed from within, from what we ask of the earth, from garbage, from human waste and hydrocarbons being dumped into the waters and flooded into the sea.  These hydrocarbons were trapped naturally in the earth and held there so that the earth could be clean of her past.  Humans have released these and these brothers and sisters of the oceans have been trying to make us hear clearly that we are all dying.  They communicate at a level of complexity that rivals our own communication… Yet how can they speak to us directly other than beaching themselves in hopes that we will use our science to understand and hear their warnings.

This global disaster, the greatest one in history is in a long line of accidents and offenses that we have caused to the earth, our mother and source of all being.  The abuses include, lighting the oil fields of Kuwait on fire, dumping into rivers and streams our hydrocarbon pollution, using plastic with reckless abandon, shifting the carbon cycle of the planet… and so much more.  The oil is pouring out of a vent in the ocean at a rate that so many choose to underestimate.  We cannot underestimate environmental collapse!  We cannot caution and move slowly to a solution for the planet.  The evidence is right there noted a 1000 times over.  As the oil spreads out to the main waterways and into the currents to share it’s disease with the whole planet, the oceans will hold more heat.  It will kill more and more species as it separates and gets breathed in by the fish and mammals of the sea.  They will die from within.  The reefs will cease to exist because they cannot remove the onslaught of these toxins whether from the initial effects or the cleanup.  If it becomes large enough the weather will change.  6 degrees and we are dead.  2 and we will flood the world from the polar ice caps.  Have fun New Yorkers as well as all coastal cities! 

No one has all the “proof” and evidence to make a definitive conclusion such that we can safely say that something absolutely will occur…. But honestly my brothers and sisters… do we really need the proof to take action now!  Are we going to sit around and do nothing and minimize these impacts just for the sake of the time it takes to prove that it is true.  Listen to your hearts, they are crying in fear of the systemic collapse that will occur.

Our native elders said clearly from vision… protect the waters or the sun will touch the earth.  And before starvation and all the depravity that comes from an environmental collapse occurs, don’t you think some crazy person, people, country, religion will drop a few bombs so they can be the only ones left?  It’s logical in the extreme.  We are facing our selves as a species.  And unfortunately the only way we truly turn a corner as a species is when enough people die from the effects of shitting in our own back yards.  How many signs are enough signs?

I am not being alarmist.  I am being a realist.  We don’t have time to be anything but totally pro-active.  In the face of the total cost of war on the middle east and Afghanistan being able to pay for solar power throughout the US to say nothing of globally, we would have been free of oil dependence.  Yes the numbers add up.  We chose poorly when we went to war for oil.  We chose to dominate the little guys rather than to solve together as a human race.  We chose as a species, not just a single useless leader… he only represented and manipulated what we did not want to hear.  We are dying from inaction and lack of resolve. 

I believe we are very adaptable species.  It is our weakness as individuals that got us to work together to solve larger and larger problems for the good of the whole.  Now our whole must include the earth, her systems, and we must take a careful look at our consumption of her.  The elders have memories of times when the only thing we had to eat was each other.  They warned us of our folly.  Will we listen or burn up as the sun touches the earth and we collapse by the weight of our own intelligence within absolute denial? 

This may be considered dark, but how can we wait?


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