Toltec artists are people who must respond.  They are compelled to create something.  Being toltec means working directly with energies and awareness, both my own and the world around me.  And as I do, this filters through some sort of creation whether I want it to or not.  It is a constant flow, nothing stops in the middle to create a blockage.  For me this comes in the artwork that I create.  Here are a few of the examples that can be found at:

Golden Spiral – a study of phi and fibonacci relationships.

RavenCreatorunderstanding the cycle of myths associated with animals


Big Bang Theory


Master of the Red and Blue Roads

This drive is one of balancing the information and knowledge that comes into the field of perception with the archeology of the human spirit.   Life is a constant study of awareness, and investigation into the structure of the world, universe around us.  We wonder, we respond.  We have been doing this for generation after generation.  These explorations often take the form of trying to convince other people we are right.  But the roll of my artwork is to present image and story in a way that allows a further journey or exploration to be done by the viewer.  Then the viewer can decide what is his or her awareness of that moment or knowledge which is being presented.  These holographic views of the same work with vastly different interpretations fascinates me to the core.  I like words and symbols, and create them to manage hint at the energy behind the words we use every day.

Dream Awake

Often two things sitting right next to each other force us to an understanding that we could not have considered before.  The left and right side of awareness allows us to constantly see things new and fresh each day.  To obsess on either is to lose both.  And these manipulations of awareness through the technology of artwork pushes the boundaries of what we could call the known world.  Hinting at these doorways of perception haunts all my work. 







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