Codex Del Sol

Recently finished a book called Codex del Sol.  The journey of this magnitude was pretty amazing.  Initially the idea was spawned by the change in the clocks to the winter mode.  Always a difficult time because it starts to be darker earlier, my interests were to keep pace with the sun.  Like remembering the long warm days, the work is founded on yellow, warm earth reds and browns.  Initially the graphic content was playing with pyramids and circles which moved across the eclyptic. 

The structure of the book was to be a drum leaf binding where each folio is glued, spine and edge to each other with a thickness that spoke of the size and weight of the sun.  With 10 folios I was planning to complete the work on the winter solstice as a celebration of the birth of the sun.  But the work denied me a completion and forced me to think further and deeper into the dynamics surrounding the sun, science, mysticism and general archeology around sun temples.  So it shifted to a standard binding.

The work also required a sense of sequence and planning.  It lost its enumerative focus and moved into the idea that humans are the connection which creates time, language, a knowing of the sun’s path and work.  So the meditative figure appeared as it was contemplating these grand movements and intensities.

Suddenly, this work was less about the science of the motion of the sun and more about how we perceive and relate to that body in the sky.  And how we describe it.  The journey took on the inward dynamic of wandering body through time.  Of course we have hundreds of temples and images dedicated to the sun.  The sun is all about the pyramids, stonehenge, and weather patterns.  Death and rebirth cycles are a significant part of its mythological science.

Even crop circles are a part of the sun energies.  While it is true that they are a mixture of esoteric shapes and circles, they are made in wheat feilds and corn feilds, both sun plants, near the harvast during the warmth of that period of the year.  A sun image for sure inspirs the timing and placement of these geo-artistic efforts.

Science and lore, archeology and pattern, color and shape all merged and emerged from a 4 month process of creating this book.  When I did emerge 2 months after the winter solstice, I was pleased that the sun was returning and the months had been warmed by this project which infected my soul.


2 thoughts on “Codex Del Sol

  1. I want to know who this marvelous artist’s name, another reason for my post is if i could purchase such superb work of art?

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